Master of Christian Ministry

STUDY PROGRAMMES DTC offers three study programmes which are accredited by the Asia Theological Association.

Master of Christian Ministry (MCM)
This is a two-year programme for students who are graduates from tertiary institutions or have the professional equivalent and working experience. Students are required to obtain 60 credits.


Biblical Studies
OT Studies I & II 6 credits
NT Studies I & II 6 credits
Biblical Hermeneutics 3 credits
Electives: OT and NT books 3 credits
Theological & Historical Studies
Biblical Theology 3 credits
Asian Church History 3 credits
Christian Ethics 3 credits
Mission Studies II: Biblical Basis of Mission and Theology of Mission 3 credits
Religions & Culture
Asian Studies I: Asian Religions 3 credits
Gospel & Culture 3 credits
Christian Spirituality 3 credits
Christian Education 3 credits
Ministry Skills I: Study Skills and Homiletics 3 credits
Ministry Skills II: Evangelism & Spiritual Warfare 3 credits
Pastoral Studies I: Pastoral Counselling 3 credits
Pastoral Studies II: Ministry Formation and Practice 3 credits
Mission Studies I: Serving Cross-culturally and Church & Mission 3 credits
Asian Studies II: Trends and Theologies (Asian & Third World Theologies and Current Trends in Asia) 3 credits
Total 60 credits

Field Education
In addition, all students, except those doing the Sabbatical Studies programme, are required to do Field Education. There are two components to this. The first is a weekly slot in which students are expected to be engaged in some form of Christian ministry outside DTC. This is to enable the student to learn and develop skills in a number of different areas. Students are required to do an average of 5 hours a week. The second component is a two-week full-time placement in which the student is involved in some kind of Christian ministry in a cross-cultural situation. This usually takes place during the November-December break. On alternate years, the student will be involved in a team ministry. GDIS students are required to be involved in a four-week cross-cultural placement which also takes place in the long break.

All students have to submit reflection papers on their field education.

Community Living
In line with our Objectives and Ethos, we have scheduled certain communal activities which facilitate a student’s personal growth and the development of a wholesome and healthy community. All students are required to take an active role in these communal activities. Students must attend chapel from Tuesday to Friday, during which they learn from and interact with guest speakers and lecturers. Students are also required to preach at chapel once a quarter. These chapels take up two and a quarter hours a week.

All students must attend Family Evenings (when the whole community meets together) and Pastoral Groups (when students meet in a small group under the pastoral care of a lecturer). These activities take up 2 hours a week.

[1] This will be taught in alternate years.
[2] This will be taught in alternate years.

Other Information

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