Master of Christian Studies

STUDY PROGRAMMES DTC offers three study programmes which are accredited by the Asia Theological Association.

c) Master of Christian Studies (MCS)
Students who have completed the two-year Master of Christian Ministry programme (or its former equivalent Graduate Diploma in Christian Ministry) with a minimum B+ average may take this programme, which is by dissertation only. The dissertation should be not less than 20,000 and not more than 30,000 words, and will be assessed by an external examiner. The student will be assigned a supervisor for the writing of this dissertation. Research and writing will normally take from six to twelve months to complete, and may be done residentially or non-residentially. Normally the MCS may only be done by DTC graduates. Upon successful completion of the dissertation, the student will be awarded the Master of Christian Studies.

Other Information

For complete information on the courses and costs, please download it here:

If you would like to enquire about the possibility of studying at DTC, please download the Letter of Enquiry document below:

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